3D Printed Equipment for Kids with Disabilities!

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Successfully funded on Nov 16, 2016
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Your name not in vain!

Your contribution has kept the AbilityMate team fuelled on caffeine for one day :)
We will publish your name (unless you don't want us to) on our virtual Believers Wall. And our team will send a personal thank you email; we’ll keep you up to date on all of our project progress; and of course, we will love you forever!


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Social Media Shout Out to You

Your contribution has just kept the AbilityMate team fed so they can keep working super hard till 7pm!
A personalised social media shout-out to you through Instagram or Facebook. You also get exclusive updates and have access to interviews with consenting* families who we are working with; and be the first to see our new designs. We will also add your name on our supporters page.
* We respect privacy, therefore to avoid pressuring families, they will only be asked to consent after they have been chosen for the trial.


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3D printed keychain + your name on our Believers Wall

Your contribution has kicked off the process by paying for one 3D scan.
You get a unique Ankle and Foot Orthosis Keychain 3D Printed by Me3D and MakersPlace. Plus we will add your name on our supporters page.


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AbilityMate T-Shirt

Your contribution has paid for the CAD design of one pair of AFOs.
You are supporting a fundamental change for children who need AFOs and you should wear that proudly. As a thank you from us we will send you our specially designed AbilityMate T-shirt and we will add your name to our supporters page.


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Webinar - 3D Printing Devices for People with Disabilities

Your contribution has paid for the lab testing of one pair of AFOs.
Learn from our team the in’s and out’s of 3D Printing and how it can be used to create customised assistive devices for people with disabilities.


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Hands-On 3D Printing Workshop

Your contribution has paid for the 3D printing of one pair of AFOs.
Get a full day practical experience actually making assistive devices with and for people with disabilities!
This includes:
- Tickets for you and one friend to a 3D Printing workshop run by team AbilityMate.
- Join us at The Michael Crouch Innovation Centre where you will gain experience using 3D modelling software and 3D printers
*Note the workshop is in Sydney at UNSW’s Kensington campus. *The Michael Crouch Innovation Centre is an accessible venue


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The Whopper Deal!

Your contribution has paid for 2 children to have their assessments with an Orthotist .
Immerse yourself in the future of 3D printing assistive devices with and for people with disabilities, through a hands-on workshop for you and a friend led by the AbilityMate team.

You also get all of the goodies you can handle including:
- Instagram shoutout
- AbilityMate T-Shirt
- 3D printed keychain
- Your name in HUGE writing on our Believers Wall


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Sponsor One Pair of Trial Orthoses for a Child

Includes all Orthotist fees, scanning & assessment, manufacturing & lab testing of a pair of trial Orthoses for one child.
Plus you get updates from a consenting trial family on progress - plus previous these rewards (Shout-Out, T-Shirt, Webinar & Keychain)

Suggestion: Ask your friends to club together! Organise your group offline and have one representative make the pledge on the group's behalf.

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Sponsor Five Pairs of Trial Orthoses - Superhero Version

Your donation has enabled 5 children to be part of the trial phase and have a pair of 3D printed Orthoses created customised to their needs. The best part is their favourite superhero will be printed on them! And you get to see the video of a consenting recipient family as the child received her/his cool 3D printed AFO.
You also get to meet the AbilityMate team - via skype call or in person and ask them absolutely anything. Plus don’t forget you also get previous rewards including a keychain, AbilityMate t-shirt, webinar and a 3D printing workshop.

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