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Raised of $10,000 AUD

Successfully funded on Nov 23, 2016
67 supporters


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Demo Day Invite

All supporters from $10 and up get invited to demo day to see what our participants have created + a shout-out on twitter


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Thank You Card

The previous reward + a thank you card signed by the participating entrepreneurs


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Workshop - Art of Inclusive Entrepreneurship

Invitation to our The Art of Inclusive Entrepreneurship half-day workshop, covering design thinking and lean startup techniques for new entrepreneurs with a special focus on inclusion and diversity (in Parramatta, date TBC)

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Entrepreneur walking tour of Parramatta

An entrepreneur walking tour of Parramatta – visiting some of our favourite local social and migrant enterprises. Lunch included. Date TBC.

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Exclusive Dinner

Exclusive dinner with Catalysr founders Usman and Jacob and participating enterprises, catered by course graduate Koshari Korner Catering

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Meal for a special occasion for upto 50 people

2 x the above rewards + a meal for you/your company/a special occasion catered by Catalysr graduate Korshari Korner for up to 50 people.

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Cost-free scholarship for a Refugee

Cost-free scholarship position for a refugee which you help select. Introduction to internal workings of Catalysr, opportunity to sit into the interviews and equal vote during the selection process.

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Naming rights to the program

The above reward + naming rights to the program (within reason)

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