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5 best photos plus thank you email

Thank you email attached with 5 best photos of our team members together with the most exciting youths during interaction.

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2 videos plus 10 photos

Thank you email attached with 2 video clips and 10 photos of staff members interacting with most exciting youths in Malawi during education and motivation talks.


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choosing pen pals and youths to mentor

Opportunity to choose a pen pal or a youth or youths (not more than 5) to mentor or interact with only with the purpose of educating, motivating and sharing life motivating stories through letters, emails, Skype/Facebook messenger video chat, Line and WhatsApp. Plus all of the above rewards.

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A cup of coffee on Skype

A real cup of Mzuzu Coffee over Skype/Facebook Messenger video chat with most active and exciting youths and staff members for 30 minutes at agreed time and date (Malawi is +2 hours of GMT). Plus all of the above

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Lunch on Skype

Lunch with Executive team and most active youths and have a discussion and sharing of motivating stories with you over Skype or Facebook messenger video chat for 50 minutes at agreed time and dates (Malawi is +2 hours of GMT). 1.5 Kg of Mzuzu coffee all the way from Mzuzu .Plus all of the above.

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Providing Online Education

Take part in providing live online health education and motivating the youths via Skype/Facebook Messenger video for 60 minutes at agreed time and dates (Malawi is +2 hours of GMT). 2 Kg of Mzuzu coffee from Mzuzu city in Malawi. Plus all of the above.

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Invitation to Malawi and get hosted

Opportunity to be invited (or you can choose your friend or relative) to Malawi (in Africa-Malawi) to physically help in educating and motivating the youths on voluntary basis during your vacation. You will be hosted by one of the staff members. The team member/s and the youth/s will take you through most exciting places in Malawi for your adventure during off duties and will give you unforgettable memories. 5kg of Mzuzu coffee from Mzuzu city, Malawi. Plus all of the above rewards.

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All the above and become executive member

All of the above plus being mentioned as grand supporter. You will also get two beautiful ‘Foster Children and Friends Volunteers Supporter’ T-Shirts and car stickers. Automatically you become Executive member.

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