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Successfully funded on Apr 13, 2011
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we pledge a personal email (not just an autoresponse!) to say thank you to everyone who contributes anything

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acknowledgment on our website

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acknowledgment in the credits of our road trip video as well as on our website

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invitations to a gourmet pizza party at a location to be determined in the SF Bay Area to celebrate making our goal!

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a salad box full of samples from our first harvest—including microgreens, radishes, and edible flowers!—lovingly packed and rushed to you. (Please, West Coast addresses only! We want you to get the freshest salad!)

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a "not so salad" box of tasty goodies baked by us—and Nate is a genuine certified pro, so these aren't school bake sale fare. Just as lovingly packed and rushed to you, and we're sure they'll be fresh even if you're on the East Coast.

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invitations to a fabulous gourmet dinner of sustainable, organic, local, and ethical foods prepared by us at the farm, following a tour and conversation about our future, as soon as we find our place and get settled in.

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10% off any of our first year's workshops for you and a friend!

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a weekend camp-out on the farm, as soon as we get there, including delicious farm-fare meals

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6 hrs of permaculture design and/or problem-solving consultation with our permaculture systems manager, who is certified in permaculture design and education through the San Francisco Permaculture Guild, as authorized by the Permaculture Research Institute of Australia

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