What if single-use cups were... reusable!?

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The Waste Reducer

Throughout the trial people keep telling us how much they love the cup and want to know how to get one of their own! Now is your chance to have a personal GO2CUP with the knowledge that the proceeds are going towards our ability to offset single-use cups to those who haven’t yet made the choice to use reusable. Definitely keep us posted as to how many times you use your personal cup instead of a single-use cup so we can add it to our tally of how many single use cups we have prevented from going to landfill! We'll deliver your personal GO2CUP Australia wide.

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The Informed Connector

Receive a personal thank you email from GO2CUP and an invite to our post-crowdfunding campaign catch up in the park where you'll receive a complimentary coffee and meet the team to hear about where this project is heading. We'll provide further information about the lifecycle of different cups available, the overall impact that this project is having, and receive updates about future project developments.


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The Community Sharer

GO2CUP will deliver and collect 200 cups and 2 collection bins to your next party, work function, or event anywhere within the Perth metropolitan region. No need to buy single-use cups or wash all your own cups, we’ll deliver, collect, and wash the cups for you!


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The Collaborative Innovator

Utilise the support of 5x1 hour one-on-one meetings with the founder of GO2CUP to assist your venture. It isn't easy bringing something different into the world through innovation and social enterprise. Creativity and perspective is born through collaboration, so catch up for a coffee with Daniel to brainstorm, review, and collaboratively work through the challenges facing social entrepreneurs with someone who is active in the space. Skype sessions are also available for those outside of the Perth metropolitan region.

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The Water Wise Leader

We’re offering a 2,500L rainwater tank delivered to any accessible houses within the Perth metropolitan region, a personal thank you on our webpage and social media, plus 5 x 200 cups for private functions as above, for helping to make this project a reality.

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The Renewable Visionary

Thanks to Evosol, we have a 2kW solar system, including inverter, and install to anywhere within the Perth metropolitan region as a massive thank you for your contribution. Along with this we will provide a personal thank you on our webpage and on social media, plus 5 x 200 cups for private functions as above, for helping make this project a reality.