Caleb's Noodle House: Breaking Chains of Poverty

ChinaDan & Cassy Silva


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Successfully funded on Jan 02, 2016
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You Rock!

For this gracious donation, we will let the world know that YOU ROCK and give you a shout out from our Love for the poor Facebook page.


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You're Awesome!

A personalised thank you card written by one of our first employees to let you know how grateful they are. FYI it might be written in Chinese. ;-)


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You're Amazing!

A custom painting or drawing sent to you from one of our students at The Father's House that you can proudly display. Make sure to give us your full address.


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You're a brick, I mean a star!

Have your name or any name of your choice permanently engraved on our restaurant wall with your very own brick.


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You're a chef!

All the above as well as a Caleb's Noodle House apron signed by Caleb.


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Leave a legacy

Have a menu item named after you.

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The Neighborhood buy-out

We will go to the slums and invite 100 people to pack out the place for a meal. The poor will have a great party in your name!

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The Good Samaritan

We can't wait to do this one!! We will send you a video of us delivering meals to the sick children in one of our local hospitals!


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The Social Tourist

All of the first five rewards but with a catch. You come and pick them up in person. In this reward, you will receive 4 days and 3 nights in Kunming, China, AIR FARE AND HOUSING INCLUDED!! That way you can see first hand the impact your contribution has made. (Depending on mutual availability. Send us a message before backing.)