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What are they saying about us?

"We believe strongly in the power of community based engagement and that by linking our giving to funds contributed by the community through crowdfunding we can ensure that our support goes to projects with a strong grounding in and enthusiasm from that community."

- Belinda Morrissey, English Family Foundation

"Through StartSomeGood's innovative Crowdmatch program we were able to find new ways to leverage the local government dollar, while cutting the 'red tape' that so often goes with government funding programs. Their professionalism ensured an incredibly successful program - and a creative way to get new social enterprise growing in our local municipality."

- Melanie Bainbridge, former Sustainability Coordinator, City of Fremantle

"I've worked with a lot of crowdfunding platforms but StartSomeGood were absolutely the best. I was blown away."

-Joey Rosenber, Girls for Girls

"Together with StartSomeGood, we have built an award-winning crowdfunding program, Dreamstarter, that has enabled us to effectively support almost 70 social enterprises over the last 4 years. StartSomeGood have been valuable partners not only with the development of the program itself, but have also been integral to its growth and ongoing success. Their expertise and credibility in the sector have helped to built the Dreamstarter brand into what it is today."

- Shannon Carruth, Manager Sustainability & Community Impact, ING Australia

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