Youth Financial Literacy Education

Redding, Ca, United StatesTrisha Funk


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Fundraising ended on Jul 11, 2017
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Shout out and Tshirt to Represent

You will still get your shout out on social media but besides that personal acknowledgement you will receive a t-shirt that says "I am part of the movement - #FinanciallyLiterate"


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Enrollment to Change Your Money Mindset Course

All three of the previous rewards plus enrollment into the three week Change Your Money Mindset e-course.


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Private Workshop for Your Organization

The business or organization of your choice will receive a private workshop tailored to your specific needs by Trisha Funk, CFEI.
(In Person Workshops limited to a 100 mile radius of Redding, Ca. Outside of local area workshops done virtually)

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Full Annual Financial Literacy Curriculum for Your Organization or Classroom

The classroom or organization of your choice will receive the full annual curriculum taught privately by a CFEI. (Not limited to Redding, Ca geographic area.)

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