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== Digital Contributor Tier == We'll email you a digital rubber stamp that you or your organization can show the world how you're supporting the project and how you're helping battle illiteracy one donation at a time.

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=== Digital Poster Tier == We'll send you the stamp, list you or your organization on our Hero Page, and give you 3 x Playground of Literacy educational posters printable in A4 and A3 format!

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== Early Access Tier == We'll send you the stamp, list you as a Hero WITH a photo and/or logo as well as provide EARLY ACCESS to trial the POL before it launches to the public!

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== Digital Bundle Tier == You get the stamp, photo hero listing, EARLY ACCESS & 3 digital posters

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== Digital Games Bundle Tier == Everything in the previous Tier + We will also give you a copy of our award winning educational game 'Knowledge Quest - English'. See

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== Perfect Picture Tier! == It includes everything in Tier 5 plus a personally signed photograph from each of the Playground of Literacy pilot schools! Sweet!

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== Sponsor Tier == Everything in Tier 6 + a special limited POL printable poster with your personal or company name. Get your brand on-board with the Playground!

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== Super Sponsor Tier == Everything in Tier 7 + a featured space on the POL & WLF websites + A special thank-you and additional linking on social media.

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== Digital Board Member == ALL REWARDS LISTED + exclusive catch-ups with the team every 12 weeks to give feedback and ideas around the project and its growth.

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