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The Deck Hand

Thanks for helping us set sail!! We couldn't do it without you! As a thank you we'll give you a massive shoutout on social media!


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The First Mate

Thanks for believing in us! We'll give you a massive shoutout on social media and you'll get an amazing PDF download of an original illustration by the uber talented artist Mishy Rowan, that will light up your day & keep you inspired. You amazing human, you!

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The Compass

Welcome aboard!! Thanks for coming along for the ride! You'll get the PDF illustration PLUS exclusive access to my "Values Compass" workbook. This tool will help you identify your top values, and understand how to use these to create change & make decisions in your life with clarity & ease.

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The Flagship

Change ahoy!! Choose The Flagship & you'll get the downloadable PDF illustration PLUS exclusive access to my "Life Compass" video mini course. This taster module of the Reinvent Your Future course will show you what it means to live in personal integrity - and understand how you can use this knowledge to navigate change in your life, business & the world with ease! You'll also develop a self care plan, so that you'll be nourished on your journey of change.

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The Navigator

Become the Master of your own destiny! As a Navigator you'll get everything in the Flagship PLUS gain exclusive access to my FULL 4 week online course, Reinvent Your Future which includes Life Compass Training, plus four other modules, live and interactive Q&A's with Avis, access to a private community, downloadable workbooks and SO much more. This course will help you to get clear on who you are, why you're here, what you care about and what you want to create. You'll learn how to break through resistance and fear, so you can intentionally design your life, your way! (This course will be $400 upon general release to the public).
Choose to do the course yourself OR you can use your pledge to provide a SCHOLARSHIP for someone who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford it.

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The Love Boat

Change is more meaningful when it's created together! Bring your significant other on this amazing journey of change with you & you'll get 2 x The Navigator package plus the warm fuzzy feeling that comes with taking such an epic adventure together! Not to mention a $50 discount! Choose to do the course, or you can use your pledge to provide 2 x SCHOLARSHIP places.

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The Crew

Adventures are always better with friends! Grab two of your besties to join you as you Reinvent Your Futures together. For $500, you'll get THREE x The Navigator package PLUS by journeying together you'll get a total discount of $100. Not to mention you'll get even more out of the course when you do it with others....Huzzah! Choose to do the course, or you can use your pledge to provide 3 x SCHOLARSHIP places.

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The Upper Deck

Get the VIP treatment! Everything in The Navigator PLUS you get to join an exclusive Mastermind Group with a maximum of 7 other adventurous souls. The VIP treatment includes a 1 on 1 session with Avis PLUS 2 x online group sessions as well as private interactive Q&A's where Avis will be available to guide you intentionally through the course. You'll get exclusive access to additional exercises and content too. On this unique, guided journey, you will connect even deeper with yourself, Avis & your fellow travellers so you can move forward in life with clarity and confidence & live the change you want to see. Your contribution as a VIP will also help us to provide 2 x SCHOLARSHIP places for the Reinvent Your Future course!

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The Ship

Oh so you want the whole boat?! Great! With The Ship, you'll get a custom keynote presentation by Avis for your organisation or event. Avis' keynotes inspire people to live and lead authentically and explore how developing our potential as leaders can affect change in our lives, our businesses and the world. As a recognised speaker, Avis has spoken to audiences of over 2000 at events like SXSW & VIVID Sydney. (Does not include travel expenses, availability in Australia from early 2018). Discounted from $6000.

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The Fleet

If a keynote isn't enough for you, back The Fleet & you'll get Avis for an entire day!! This reward includes a keynote presentation and a full day workshop to bring your team through my flagship "Life Compass" training process in depth. This process explores values, self knowledge and wellbeing as the foundations to creating lasting and meaningful change, so that your people & business can thrive now & into the future. Your people will leave inspired and equipped with the tools they need to live and lead authentically. Avis has worked with entrepreneurs, innovation labs, NFP's and corporates including Cerebral Palsy Alliance, Telstra Foundation & Apple as well as with leading universities. (Does not include travel expenses, availability in Australia from early 2018). Discounted from $10,000.

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