Welcome to StartSomeGood!

We are here to help you raise the funds you need to create positive change in your community or for the world.

So how does it work?

Step 1. Have a great idea to make the world better.

Step 2. Plan your project. How much money do you need to succeed, and what does success look like?

Step 3. Submit your project on StartSomeGood.

Step 4. Receive personalized feedback and advice from our Global Support Team about your project.

Step 5. Launch your project!

Step 6. Collect funds and turn your idea into reality.

Our goal is to help you succeed. We don’t mean to boast but we think we’re pretty good at this – we have one of the best success rates in crowdfunding! We know how important it is for you to launch a quality project. After all, you’re putting your heart and soul out there for all to see! For this reason, we won’t launch incomplete or poorly constructed projects. Your idea deserves more than that, and we’re here to help you bring it all together with personalized feedback and support.

What you’ll need before submitting your project:

  • A Stripe Account
  • A description of your project and how you’ll use the funds you raise
  • An original project or organization specific video
  • A minimum of three reward levels

Developing Your Project

The whole process can take as little as a few hours, or it can take a few weeks. The turnaround time will depend on the quality and completeness of your initial submission and the speed with which you make edits. Our team will do our best to respond with feedback within one business day.

When your project is approved and you’re ready to go live, we’ll flip the switch and you can begin collecting pledges.

Once your project ends successfully - which means you’ve reached your funding goal by the time the project ends - we’ll process your pledges and your donations will land directly into your Stripe account.

Sounds easy, right? Let’s do this!