A child's dream to create.

Lima, PeruGeorge Courson


Raised of $5,000 USD

Fundraising ended on Jan 11, 2018
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General Collectors T-Shirt

A silk-screened T-shirt of the the hero's of the game, once it has been marketed. The collectors shirts for these donation will never be reproduced for retail. They will only be available to those who donate $200 or more, once the general artwork has been completed.


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Custom Collectors T-Shirt

When the characters are created, those who donate $500 or more will receive a specialized t-shirt that has the likeness of a person of their choice, as one of the characters in the game.


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Honorable mention in game credits

Once the game is completed and marketed, the ending credits will include a list of supporters who gave $1000 or more, during the first issue.