The StartSomeGood Difference

The StartSomeGood Difference

StartSomeGood is very different from most of our peers in cause crowdfunding. Where so many platforms pretend that fundraising is easy even while using a keep-what-you-raise approach that actually makes it harder to raise funds, and end up with a website with 80%+ failure rates.

Instead of focusing on how many campaigns can we host at once, we focus on how many projects can we help succeed. We work personally with every project so that you know what you need to do to succeed, while providing you with the best-of-breed platform to host your fundraiser.

At StartSomeGood we:

  • Have the highest project success rate in cause crowdfunding at 53% (equivalent platforms are as low as 13%)

  • Use a modified all-or-nothing approach to crowdfunding which is proven to help you raisethe funds you need, where keep what you raise actually makes it harder to raise

  • Really care about your success, and are only paid if you reach your goal

  • Provide personal support and feedback to every project on our site

  • Offer premium support to help you create the best campaign possible

  • Develop partnerships with corporate, foundation and government partners to better support innovative projects

  • Are a Registered B Corp, and committed to using business as a force for good