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Social Entrepreneurs Assemble!

The StartSomeGood Network is a global community where social entrepreneurs and impact leaders come together.

We invite all changemakers who are passionate about increasing your impact to join this energetic network and learn with us how to make a bigger difference.

Once you become a member of the StartSomeGood Network, you receive access to up to five exclusive online events each month. These include fireside chats with some of the world’s leading social entrepreneurs, monthly masterclasses and practical workshops to help you level-up your skills.

You will be part of an international community of peers who are also on the journey of making a difference.

Our online space allows you to share your news, get feedback, and connect with others. Members of the StartSomeGood Network also enjoy a great range of discounts to help you on your journey and receive exclusive invitations and opportunities. Most importantly you have a community of fellow changemakers who want you to succeed and will do what they can to help you move forward, including promotional support from StartSomeGood.

If you are committed to using (and growing) your entrepreneurial skills to create a better future, we would love you to join us!

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Introducing the StartSomeGood Network

The StartSomeGood Network is an inclusive community for those committed to changing the world through entrepreneurship. We created the the StartSomeGood Network for anyone working to change the status quo for the better.

Innovation and change requires new thinking, intense commitment and a whole lot of courage. All of these things are fostered by being in community with and learning from those also on this journey.

Together, we can learn more, do more, be more resilient and make a bigger impact on the challenges and opportunities of our age. We want to help you clarify your purpose, sharpen your skills, build your networks, share your story, and make a bigger impact!

If you are:

A founder who would love the insights, camaraderie, and support of people like you
Still refining your ideas and preparing your plans to launch something new
Working inside an existing organisation trying to push it in a direction of greater innovation
In the trenches of an impact business, delivering value to customers and community every day, but aspiring to grow and do more
Making an impact as a volunteer or pro bono but you want to do impact work full time and make it sustainable
A student studying or simply passionate about social entrepreneurship
A budding entrepreneur looking for advice and inspiration

Then the StartSomeGood Network is designed for you.

What's Included

A community-based peer learning platform where we connect, share, and grow together
The chance to meet new collaborators, partners, mentors and friends
Access to our content library with over 140 interviews with successful Social Entrepreneurial Founders, growing monthly
Up to Four exclusive live Webinar Sessions + Q&As with leading social entrepreneurs each month, so we can learn from those who have gone before
A monthly mastermind session where you will be able to explore your own enterprise challenges and get feedback
Discounted access to all StartSomeGood courses and services, including “early-bird anytime” pricing for our Good Hustle social enterprise design course and crowdfunding courses and support
Other exclusive discounts and opportunities relevant for social entrepreneurs - including discounts on books, events, online courses and more

This is for the future makers

The StartSomeGood Network is designed for those who are creating something new, helping those less fortunate and inspiring a community to embrace your vision of change.

Individually, it’s easy to feel isolated, overwhelmed and to burn out.

But when we share and learn together, we become stronger and smarter and more capable of creating the change we seek. The truth is, the journey of social entrepreneurship is challenging.

Creating something new can be a long, hard road. Not everyone will get it. Some might oppose it.

But if you are called to start something that matters it’s important to surround yourself with those who are also on this journey. That’s what this community is for.


Join for just $15 USD per month, or $99 USD per year. Students, the unwaged and those in the developing world can sign up for $60 USD for the first year, and $99 USD per year thereafter. We have a really exciting program of events and opportunities for next year - you can get a sneak peek of some of the upcoming guests below.

In total members will be invited to more than 40 exclusive learning events and networking opportunities during the year - less than $2/event for annual membership. Membership in the StartSomeGood Network would also make a great present or reward for a client, partner or friend, to support them on their journey as a changemaker, giving them access to a steady stream of inspiration and opportunities every month, and a community of peers who get it.


$15 USD / month

  • $15 USD billed monthly
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$99 USD / year

  • $99 USD billed annually
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$60 USD / year

  • $60 USD for the first year
  • $99 USD/year thereafter
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The future doesn't just happen

We create it. It's shaped by the actions we take and the decisions we make today. By the time the future becomes the present, it's too late. This present we now inhabit is the product of actions and decisions already taken, by us and by others.

The future is yet to be written. If there's something you don't like about the status quo, you can complain, you can say someone ought to do something about that… or you can start creating that better future. But you don’t have to do it alone.

Join our community and we can create that better future – together.

To make change in the long run, you need two key things

To be constantly learning. Learning from those who have gone before you, learning from other stakeholders and beneficiaries, learning from peers. If you stop learning you stop innovating, which is death in a rapidly-changing world.

To find your peers. Entrepreneurship is stressful. It is. We know.

You’ll fail and fall and need to pick yourself up. But it can be hard to reveal our fears when you’re leading a team and trying to inspire partners, funders, and customers to back you. You need a peer community who get it, because they are living it too.

The StartSomeGood Network will equip you with these things. Join now and feel supported throughout your purpose journey.

Upcoming Speakers

We have an amazing program of special guests joining us in 2023. The majority of these events are exclusively for members of the community. Any events which are ticketed are free for members.

Ira Puspita

Founder of Kayu

Sam Seljak

Founder of Seljak

Jeff Rotmeyer

Founder of ImpactHK and Love 21 Foundation

Hedayat Osyan

Founder of CommUnity Construction

Alex Budak

Co-Founder of StartSomeGood, Author of Becoming a Changemaker

Robert Pekin

Founder of Food Connect

Lily Spencer

Host of reMAKERS Podcast

Jack Sim

Founder of World Toilet Organisation

Clair O’Rourke

Author of Together We Can

Eli Harrell

Co-Founder of ValHalla

Azima Dhanjee

Co-Founder of ConnectHear

Rasha Abu Safieh

Co-Founder of @GGateway

Who are we?

The StartSomeGood Network is an initiative of StartSomeGood, an award-winning crowdfunding platform and innovation agency dedicated to increasing the pace of innovation for social change. We do this by helping social entrepreneurs and community leaders design, test, launch and grow social impact projects. Our mission is to create a world where “everyone can be a changemaker.” A world where every person has access to the information, inspiration and tools to make a difference, and where great social change ideas can emerge from anywhere and communities can create the future they seek.

In the pursuit of this mission we have helped over 1,000 projects to raise funding on StartSomeGood, have run over 25 accelerator programs for social enterprises, including programs delivered for partners including Optus, ING, The United Nations Development Program, the Cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Parramatta and more. Through our Good Hustle social enterprise design program, which has graduated hundreds of early-stage social entrepreneurs so far, we have been teaching the five core building blocks to launch or grow a social enterprise.

Meanwhile, our community members are founders and leaders in hundreds of social impact enterprises and initiatives around the world, including Free to Feed, LendForGood, Red Hat Impact, Chocolate on Purpose, High Tees, Dynamic 4, Seed Spaces, All Of the Good Things, Avenue, Uche Jumbo, Data Action Impact, Hale Africa, Plastic Free SEA and so many more!

Your Hosts

Tom has founded or co-founded five non-profits and social enterprises and is a globally recognized speaker and leader in the social enterprise sector. Tom will be hosting many of the live Q and A’s.

Tom Dawkins

Co-Founder and CEO of StartSomeGood

Nimmity is the founder of social enterprise All Of The Good Things and the Chair of the Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand in addition to being Learning Manager at StartSomeGood, where she co-hosts our Good Hustle program.

Nimmity Zappert

StartSomeGood Learning Manager and Founder, All Of The Good Things

Cameron has worked with change-makers and social entrepreneurs to evaluate and increase the positive environmental and social impact of programs and for-purpose businesses across five continents. He will run the monthly Mastermind sessions for all members.

Cameron Price

StartSomeGood Network Manager and Co-Host

Upcoming events

Get a taster of the benefits of being a member of our network by paying to attend one of our events

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By reaching this point, you are ready to take the next step in forging connections, building your community, growing your capability, and to take your enterprise or social impact idea to the next level.

What’s left to do? Join. It’s as simple as that. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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