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Keep the #instantkarma rolling

To be honest, we're really not sure how much of this we can give away, but we're sure 10 dollars will help you get through the rest of your day unscathed. You get a shout out across our social media and a mention on our website.

One thing's for sure, it will give you some certainty that there's someone in Bali keeping it clean for the next time you decide to go.


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Eternal Recognition

If the #instankarma isn't enough, how about eternal recognition?

If you have a business, blog, or FB page or anything you'd like to link or share to we will then give you a shout out and stick you on our digital wall of honorary backers for as long as the internet is around for.

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Keep It Cleaner

Every year, hotel guests in Bali throw away 75 tonnes of soap.

For every $50 dollar donation, we'll keep your body and your soul clean with some Zero Waste R.O.LE Foundation Soap, that's right, upcycled, sanitised, social enterprise soap, by Bali WISE.

The support help keep this program going, not only by helping to reduce waste and landfill but to also ensure it helps keep those less fortunate in Bali have access to basic sanitation.

If you'd you're clean enough, we're happy to re-donate the soap back to Bali on your behalf.

Also, if you have a business, blog, or FB page or anything you'd like to link or share to we will then give you a shout out and stick you on our digital wall of honorary backers for as long as the internet is around for.

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Sponsor Some Stories

Real stories need food and water to grow and every young budding reporter needs a stipend. It's a small investment to pay for few taxi rides, motorcycle hire, a Bintang and the odd nasi goreng we'll put your name in lights and credit you in all the stories we can tell.

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I'm really dirty...

Did you know that according to the World Health Organization, millions of young lives could be saved with access to bar soap and hygiene education?

Ok, so you might not be into scarves but if you are in serious need of some soap, we'll double down on what we can get you. You might be able to clean the whole family or just yourself after a big Saturday night...

If you'd like to donate the soap back to ROLE, you can. We'll let R.O.L.E keep it to redistribute amongst those in need all over Bali.

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Keep warm, stay clean.

For the first ten $200 dollar donations, we'll give you one of Bali WISE Scarfs to keep you warm on those wintery nights when you're not in Bali and wished you were.

We'll also give you some soap to keep your neck clean - there's no point ruining a perfectly new scarf is there?

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The Educator

Did you know that educating women and girls is the 6th most important thing we can do to help reduce the impact of global warming?

We've got 18 of these to offer our supporters, one for every month of education that the Bali WISE Program can support 1 marginalised women in Indonesia, to help get them gainfully employed in the hospitality sector.

You'll get recognition of your support and updates along the way, as well ROLE will literally put a brick in the wall in their environmental learning centre.

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Sponsor A Story

Hero's come in many forms, be it in a cape or a mask, however, if you're a just human being with a product, brand or blog we'd love to show it off in exchange for some support. Let's work together!

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Become A Founding Member of R.O.L.E

Another fun fact? Every day Bali produces over 5,000 cubic meters of waste. Education is key.

The ROLE Foundation is offering up some founding member opportunities for their Bali Environmental Center, Bali’s only Zero Waste to Ocean and Sustainable Business Education Center. Including Research and Demonstration.

A permanently engraved stone (pictured) mounted on a wall at the R.O.L.E Bali Environmental Center. All their visitors will see and know that you support what we do in our commitment to Environmental Education, Zero Waste Management, Ecological Conservation and Sustainable Business Development. A thank-you gift of four recycled glass, drinking glasses in a hand weaved basket (pictured to the left). You, your Family or your company will be featured on our websites as our Founding Member. The satisfaction of making the most out of your donation to contribute to a real, high-impact, sustainable difference on our beautiful island of Bali and in the world.

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Sponsor A Student

The Bali W.I.S.E program spans over six months and, through scholarships, ensures that our students incur no costs - they stay on our campus, and have transportation, accommodation, and three meals a day provided. They also receive a small stipend that they can send home to their family, allowing them to continue their studies rather than work in unskilled jobs. With a 90% employment success rate after graduation, our Bali WISE program can break the poverty trap one girl at a time.

A handwritten postcard from your sponsored students

- A Shout Out on the content, stories created and social media.
- A Sponsorship Certificate
- A ‘Drive to the Future’ plaque on our Sponsorship Wall
- Pride in knowing that you have contributed to the education of a marginalized child

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Sponsor The Project

We get it, this one's a big ask, it's the holy grail of support, but if you don't ask...

If you're the corporate type with a heart of gold and have a brand or business that would like to get behind us, Bali and the future of travel then your support is only one click away.

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