Fit out a for-purpose startup lab in Adelaide

Adelaide, AustraliaMoira Deslandes


Raised of $8,000 AUD

Successfully funded on Apr 06, 2018
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Collab 101

You will get a weeks worth of free coffee (maximum 5) when you come to KiK Cafe at the old Royal Adelaide Hospital site.

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Nest Egg

We will send you a Chooks SA brooch to wear with pride to demonstrate your support of Collab4 Good to help us build our nest and we will also a throw in a bottle of wine from Quiet Revolution to help you celebrate with us if you turn up to the launch.

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Collab 2.0

We will invite you to the opening of the space and list you as a contributor on the night. You will also receive a voucher for 2 ready made meals from Harvest Fair.

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Reward a-go-go

Come and spend a unique day or a night working alongside of the GOGO events team to learn what happens from the inside.

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4 x 4

4 one hour mentoring sessions with each of the founders. Tap into their wisdom and experience of each of the fab 4.

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Pod Naming RIghts

We will be installing 1 intimate pod to hold meetings for people making future plans.

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Collab Champion

You are a champion of collaboration and want to be known as an early adopter of the Collab4Good team approach to change-making. You will have an opportunity to come to the launch and share a few words publicly on why you want to be involved. You will be listed on the Collab4Good website as a champion and invited to a team meeting in the first year to share your ideas directly with us.

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Anonymous Rock Star

You are someone who just wants to help without any of the rewards and knows your contribution will make the difference. We will know who you are and thank you privately, share with you are results in a report just for you. It will be just between us.