Making Our Beds

Los Angeles, USAOriginal Green Community Food Plan


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Successfully funded on Apr 21, 2011
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Set of 4 "Resistance is Fertile" or "Making Our Beds" postcards. Add some slow living, snail mail to your life and sit down and just write someone. They've already got stamps, so you'll have no excuse not to connect with someone!

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Your name and your (G-rated) message creatively and permanently inscribed in a raised bed at one of the sites...along with postcards from the above reward.

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A bottle of local, homemade wine, with a personalized label. Yes, kind of moonshine-y but better than running it out of the '40 Ford coupe. PLUS receive the raised-bed message and postcards rewards.

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Name one of our community raising events in 2012. You get to decide -- within reason and possibility -- the vibe and theme of one of our well-reviewed events. Regional dishes? Surf and turf? Vegan? You tell us. We'll Skype your event to you, or you can attend with a guest if you're local. PLUS receive the raised-bed messaging and personalized bottle of vino.

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Attendance for two at ALL four of our much-loved community raising, communal dinner events for 2012. PLUS you'll receive the raised-bed messaging reward. ($30 of this reward is tax-deductible.)

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Receive naming rights on the batch of local, homemade wine included in these rewards and along with two bottles. Remember, these bottles are headed out to people all over, some you don't even know! They'll wonder who this witty, urban and creative person is. PLUS attendance for two at one event in 2012. ($100 of this reward is tax-deductible.)

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Weekly delivery of shares from the farm sites, from July to December (local to Los Angeles, naturally).

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Private "Yes We Can Can" or "Jam Session" canning event in your home (or our beautiful venue). We'll provide dinner and some of that homemade wine for up to 6 people, while canning some of your favorite produce! (Local to Los Angeles, naturally.)

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Let us make *your* beds! Two raised beds in your garden. That includes all soil, compost, and amendments. (Local to Los Angeles, naturally.)

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